Inner feedback loops

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This was such a delightful read! The two themes here that resonated strongly with me were (1) developing a consistent daily practice and (2) recording your progress to help motivate further progress.

I felt uplifted knowing that one grows by learning to deal with situations. One long-time difficulty of mine is to play music at an unfavourable moment

I’ve been practicing a similar thing lately with my writing. I have a favorite coffee shop which currently only has outdoor seating, and I’ll go there to write, despite it being uncomfortable being in direct sun, the noise of the cars, the glare on my screen making it hard to see. But it feels good knowing I can write in unfavorable conditions, I don’t need to wait for perfect circumstances (which rarely arrive), and once I get started it’s easy to keep going.

I have also recently (as of last week!) explored this idea of documenting progress of something that is usually not very linear: making a game. I put together this article where you can see how the game evolved over the course of the week we spent making it, partially to remind myself of how ugly it looked at the very beginning, and that beautiful things don’t always start out this way: Creating a DOOM-inspired aesthetic with PlayCanvas

A couple typos I noticed if it’s helpful for you:

dogmas atound perfection

dogmas around perfection

being more about more about

Extra “more about” in this sentence

Welcome @omarshehata, and thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts :slight_smile:

I haven’t had the ‘courage’ to deliberately put myself in that level of adversity for music; for me it’s more about small things and inhibitions, or just learning to be comfortable wherever I am. I respect people who take this to higher levels though: reminds me of a former colleague who studied jazz guitar with a teacher from a different (somewhat ‘incompatible’) improvisational school of thought, not to learn that style of playing but to understand what would be expected of him in gigs where the musicians that approach to playing…

It’s inspiring how you integrate the text, scrolling, and visuals. I’m super into this idea but I resist doing it in-depth because it might take as much time as the realization of another project! I do it passively sometimes, like taking screenshots of visual identity revisions:

Fixed the typos and did a spell check as well to catch some other things—I appreciate the tips.

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