Presenting 'wetware of writing and doing' at Tools for Thought Rocks

I talk often about my apps, but rarely about how I use them to make things happen. Going share some of my process on October 29th at Tools for Thought Rocks.

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Video for the event with timestamps and links below. See also the chat log.

time section notes
00:00 Introduction
07:52 wetware of writing and doing presentation links
08:17 doing, creating, producing
09:39 productivity trinity: capture, organize, purge Productivity Trinity
10:47 keep going
12:08 queues
13:18 joybox for audiovisual media Joybox
15:46 kommit for committing to memory Kommit
17:03 Shareability Joybox source code
18:39 Maintaining software for the long-term
21:45 launchlet for removing friction Launchlet
23:40 emoji log for time-bound journaling and tracking Emoji Log
25:51 Misusing tools on purpose
27:27 Data structures
28:18 Re-usable interface components OLSKCatalog
29:18 Linus Lee and interface consistency between projects
30:30 Tool-making and ‘handedness’
31:28 Formats for machines versus humans
35:32 hyperdraft for reference, writing, and publishing Hyperdraft
42:12 writing without magic
45:28 Technical stack
46:45 Update your website while typing
48:45 Building your own tool versus using an existing one
51:09 Writing emerges from accumulated material
52:40 Autocomplete helps reference the past
53:28 Twitter likes as a picture of someone’s brain
55:35 POSSE versus PESOS POSSE
57:13 A note-taking Twitter client hybrid
59:08 Cross-platform standards for public and private posts Export considered harmful
61:44 Andy Matuschak tweets as an Agora
62:25 Making app-writing easier
67:13 Safely publishing private things
71:55 Developing apps without authentication
74:36 Throwaway software
75:42 Fragmented forks are hard to merge


wetware of writing and doing

how i use my apps to make things happen

follow along at

@rosano at Tools for Thought Rocks on october 29, 2021.



  1. Capture everything: Get ideas out of your head as soon as possible.
  2. Organize if needed: Move it where you are likely to encounter it.
  3. Purge: Do it or delete it as soon as possible.

keep going

  • avoid interruptions, checking out cool links, do everything later
  • make time to read, to watch, often neglected, usually happens eventually
  • collect from streams, stash in queues
  • batch reading, watching, listening, writing…
  • helps to have a place to put things



  • #listen
  • #visuals
  • #talk
  • playlist
  • queue for audiovisual media


  • flashcards for language learning
  • text-to-speech
  • memory game
  • (music)
  • queue for commiting to memory


emoji log


  • not time-bound, “reference”
  • todos as plain text list
  • mix public and private,, [[Welcome to the jungle]]
  • capture, brainstorm, organize, outline, draft, write, publish Writing creates a space for 'the answer to go' ; ubiquitous, local-first, little discontinuity
  • queues for various newletters [[eq]], [[0q]], [[mq]], [[etemp]]
  • [[journal-]] for jotting things

writing without magic

  • 97% stuff anyone can do
  • collecting drips of water into buckets; 0, 1, some; eventually ‘enough’/overflow [[#prompt]]
  • sort, group, massage, tidy, publish
  • “moving stuff around”
  • not apping/technologizing/configuring: environment affords writing only


  • collect, organize, purge with lots of queues
  • let time work in your favour
  • spend time on what motivates you

thanks for being here❣️

shoutout to jess and tft rocks for the [[#prompt]] :pray:t4:

feedback welcome :ear:t3:

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