Six guns pointed at my face

How scary! I’m glad you weren’t hurt.

Thanks for sharing this. It sounds absolutely scary, and yes banal at the same time. I feel like I would be very bad at keeping my cool like you did…but of course I have even more privilege as a middle aged white man.

And of course “working online” is something that is still far from common — and absolutely out of context for someone whose job it is to patrol with guns.

Stay safe my friend.

@archerships thanks for reading, and yes i am also glad. would be nice to know from where you found the article.

i’m not sure why so many people think i kept my cool, i only started to relax after they put their guns away—was pretty nervous before that, as you can imagine. yes, absolutely scary, especially with the feeling that my passport may not protect me… anyway thanks for reading and let’s create a better world together.

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