What we want

Part of my conflict might even come from a resistance when what’s popular is what’s perceived as desirable by other people—wanting what everybody wants because that’s what everybody wants—this feels kind of degenerating to me, as it leads to the tail wagging the dog.

I feel this. I am sometimes a contrarian just to be different. Which is not great. More charitably, perhaps I can intuit misalignment in certain cases and the snap reaction is being a contrarian without delving into the “why”.

these dynamics are nicely articulated in the metaphor of explorers, miners, and bridge builders. Sometimes you use alternate materials when certain ideas are cut from a different cloth…

Oh hadn’t heard of this. Love it. And yeah I agree with the sentiment you are expressing here: it’s the faster horses issue, you can’t really ask people if they want it until it is visualized in some way.

I wonder if there is a middle ground for you. Like “please code exactly this” doesn’t work for you, and I know other artists that don’t like this.

But perhaps (in the realm of code), being asked to “build an app that does something with cheese” (or whatever, I’m trying to be purposefully ridiculous) might be something that you can offer for those that want to support Rosano explorations in a certain direction.

More writing prompt than contract :wink:

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for reading (and bringing Cheese into this discussion). I love the idea of prompts over contracts. It might be happening already in the sense that I pay attention to what people express as their needs (unprovoked however, and not as a response to my questioning): so if I imagine something I want to do that checks one of those boxes, something clicks into place internally. I might be egotistical about this but I’m way deep into the ‘avoid market research’ mindset—can’t ask people what they want, only observe and create. The ‘middle ground’ is encouraging people to speak when things feel broken, helping them understand it’s not their fault, training them that they can shape the direction of things; you’re also working this with #BuildSoftwareTogether.

A friend shared this article with me because I have been saying how struggled I feel living the well-paid-good-hours meaningless day job + do/learn personal projects afterwork life. On one hand I want to quit my day job because I am not learning anything, on the otherhand, because my day job gives financial security I dont need to “produced something specifically because another person asked” which is basically what I think what freelancing fulltime might lead to…
Anyways just to say I share a lot with what you feel and thank you for writing this :smiley: